Tom Richter is a man with entirely too much free time on his hands and a brain full of boundless amounts of smut. Master of turning just about anything into some sort of innuendo or inspiration for his next literary romp, he is, without a doubt, a national treasure and a boon to the horny and unfulfilled the world over.

More than a little mad, but not a bit angry, Tom Richter spends his days feeding one hundred monkeys, who bang away at one hundred keyboards, occasionally regurgitating a book or two for him to send out in the world to earn more money for monkey food. It’s a perpetual cycle, but it’s fulfilling in a way that only a house full of monkeys can be. It may sound like some manner of monkey sweatshop, but it’s really a nice, loving community of primates and the moron who decided to cram one hundred monkeys into his apartment to bang out books of erotic fiction. Tom also enjoys pickles